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What we look for?

We look for the following three characteristic in entrepreneurs and business managers

The desire to build a purposeful business around an almost obsessive passion.

The determination to create something bigger than oneself.

The genuine willingness and proven ability to partner and take advice.

Some of the investment themes we currently pursue include the following

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Women led businesses

Women are heavily under-represented in the global entrepreneurial, founders and technology scene. We see this current imbalance as a tremendous opportunity. Furthermore, we believe women executives and founders bring to the table a unique insider perspective on more than 50% of global consumer spending which is currently often served ineffectively.


Climate Change Mitigation

The climate crisis is increasingly distressing. We think that, fortunately, there are many things we can do to ensure our future is as prosperous as possible. We focus our investment on the climate change mitigation theme, by investing in companies that leverage technology to reduce the environmental impact of current industrial footprint. We strongly believe that technology can help us to save resources and optimize consumption immediately, having a direct impact on current industrial processes.

Johannesburg South Africa

Emerging and Sub Saharan Markets

The next billion consumers will come from Africa and the continent offers a huge market for unique innovation that applies to a mobile connected, internet savvy emerging middle class.

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