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Impact Investing

Building Extra-Ordinary Businesses with Extra-Ordinary People.

LTH Group

LTH Group is an impact investing firm. We back extra-ordinary entrepreneurs and actively help them build or grow extra-ordinary businesses that make a tangible impact in their ecosystems.

What we look for in entrepreneurs

  • The purposeful drive to make an impact

  • An almost obsessive passion for their business

  • The ability to take feedback, learn and adapt continuously

What we offer entrepreneurs

  • International expansion support

  • Financial backing

  • Technology and digital marketing support

  • Board-level active participation

Italian Office


LTH Group S.R.L.

Piazza Generale Armando Diaz n. 7 20123 Milan, Italy


Swiss Office


LTH Group GmbH

43 Baarerstrasse, 6300

Zug, Switzerland



+41 798238056

+41 793918634

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